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Tell the world how you feel! Our decal stickers are perfect for expressing yourself.

 Cinnamaroll Decals / Stickers

These Cinnamaroll Decals / Stickers will adhere to any smooth flat surface: laptops, interior and exterior walls, wood, glass, tile, windows, scrapbooks, vehicles, appliances, mirrors, bathtubs and shower doors, musical instrument cases, your xbox, playstation, ps3, wii – Use your imagination!

Standard size is around 5″H and can go up to 22″H. Perfect for Honda, Toyota, Nissan,  or anything for people who  like Cinnamaroll Decals / Stickers.

* 8 years 3M Premium Vinyl
Cinnamaroll Decals are self adhesive and easy to remove, leaving no permanent residue behind.
* Please allow 3 business days for your order to be shipped after your payment is received.
* Decal are easy to remove however they are not reusable

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